Duct Fabrication & Sheet Metal Machinery

We consistently build quality duct fabrication products and provide superior service cost effectively.
Durability, Precision and Craftsmanship. It's the confidence and pride in knowing a job's done right.
Decades of Experience addressing every facet of the HVAC Industry.
Year After Year Improving Duct Fabrication Productivity for YOU. read more
Year After Year Improving Duct Fabrication Productivity for YOU. read more

Mestek Machinery provides quality duct fabrication and sheet metal machinery products worldwide. Our machines meet the highest tolerances for precision, efficiency, and speed so you can deliver ductwork solutions that you can proudly put your name on. With decades of experience in the HVAC industry, we have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops by reducing costs and improving efficiency. Our family of companies include Lockformer, Engel, Iowa Precision, ISM by Lockformer, Lion Machinery and Roto Die. We have been, and intend to remain, the market leader in HVAC sheet metal equipment and solutions for duct shops and fabricators, while striving to improve duct fabrication productivity for YOU. 

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Mestek Machinery is proud to announce it is now certified as an ISO 9001:2008 compliant organization as accredited by NSF-ISR. The certification represents the achievement of a base-line of practice, procedure and documentation that Mestek Machinery will use to improve its products and services and to increase customer satisfaction.   

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